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5 Tips to Get Fitter Faster

5 tips for shaking up your workout routine  There’s always a point where despite your best efforts and commitment to exercise, something stops working. You stop seeing results, or you get bored, and suddenly it doesn’t seem as worth it anymore. So, I thought I’d...

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Starting an Exercise Class Post Baby?

Starting an exercise class post-baby? 3 really important questions to ask your trainer. I was talking to my friend who was about to start a ‘buggy boot camp’ following the birth of baby number two. I mentioned a few things to consider when starting the class (not...

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Looking after your Pelvic Floor

Your Pelvic Floor; What is it, Why you should work it and how. If you’ve clicked through to read this, then in all likelihood you have had a baby (or babies) and are seeking advice on how to exercise or strengthen your ‘not-quite-doing-its-job’ pelvic floor, or you’re...

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