Read about the experiences of some of my clients…

After having my baby I was struggling with a lack of motivation, low self-esteem and couldn’t understand why I hadn’t been able to get straight back into fitness in the same way as I had pre-baby. Sian has not only helped me massively improve my pelvic floor health and show me how to ease myself back into exercise but has also taught me the importance of being kind to myself as a new mum and giving my body what it really needs.

I cannot recommend Sian enough. I joined her online Hub. The workouts are varied, always tailored to how we move in real life & a good level of challenge – always with adaptions. Sian is clear in her teaching style and down to earth. I’ve done a different online exercise Hub before that I found got quite repetitive. This is not the case with Sian. She’s completely passionate about women’s health and is always furthering her knowledge. It’s wonderful to have a holistic approach that brings in all aspects of women’s health. Give it a go, you won’t regret it.

I’m so grateful to be a member of Sian’s Fresh Start hub! Sian is brilliantly motivating, creating work outs tailored for women that are achievable. She makes me feel confident to progress and never intimidated because of her friendly, down to earth, real life approach. Sian is knowledgeable and brings a variety of approaches. I love being part of a community of lovely ladies who keep each other going.

I can’t recommend Sian highly enough. She is passionate and committed to my well-being as her focus isn’t just on exercise but on nutrition and lifestyle all tailored to suit me. She has helped me gain a more positive relationship with my body.

Sian is just fantastic! She knows her stuff and through her workouts and programmes motivates me to keep moving, stretch my fitness and think about my overall wellness too. Her approach is very considered, thoughtful and knowledgeable – I know I’m doing the right things for my overall fitness and strength as Sian has taken the time to work it all out so that I don’t have to. I’ve exercised consistently all year … something I’ve never achieved before and which Sian is definitely responsible for!!

I’m stronger, I feel fitter and I have honestly been helped by you all on this (Online Membership) group. I love the fact lots of us don’t know each other but that doesn’t seem to matter as it still feels really connected and supportive. Thank you Sian xxx.

Joining the (Online Membership) programme got me back into a rhythm with exercise and I loved seeing progression, especially on the Tabata. The women in this group are so brilliant and keep me inspired and accountable – thank you – and it’s great to be able to cheerlead for others.

The fact that Sian is a mum and has experienced the same things really put me at ease. It can be daunting when you have been fit and healthy pre-baby and the fact that Sian was living proof that the programme works was really inspiring. I loved the chats at the end of each session – nutrition, bladder health etc… There are so many topics that women should be told about after birth and they just aren’t discussed so this was extremely helpful and has had a massive impact on how I look after myself and my body. As well as the benefits to my pelvic floor and fitness, the programme was really good fun and forced me to find some me-time in my week.

I feel stronger in my pelvic floor and generally. I’ve improved my mild diastasis, and feel that I am leaking less. It’s also given me the tools to start making changes in other areas of my life and I feel empowered and encouraged to do so now.

It has given me a greater awareness of my pelvic floor and understanding of the wider impacting factors. Over the six weeks, I have noticed an improvement to my general feeling of fitness and ability to isolate and control my pelvic floor. It had a very relaxed and friendly feel which meant I didn’t feel awkward talking about what essentially is a private matter. I was nervous about attending this course but am so glad I did. If women are in doubt about whether this course is for them I’d strongly advise giving it a chance.

I had no idea how connected the pelvic floor is to the lower back, hips etc… and have seen a marked improvement from this course. I have really noticed an improvement in the six weeks as my lower back is not painful and I definitely have a  stronger pelvic floor. My balance has improved too. I enjoyed the group and the friendly atmosphere. The course was also really interesting.

The programme has given me a fantastic understanding of my whole body. I am now confident to exercise following childbirth and am following a much more nutritious diet without “being on a diet!”. The small class size was very good and enabled Sian to pay attention to each individual’s needs. It also gave me the confidence to speak up and ask questions – if it were a larger group I think I may have found this a little daunting to do. Sian is very encouraging, an excellent communicator and her motivational techniques are great. I highly recommend the course to any woman.

The Everywoman course has been fantastic for me. From an educational point of view I have learnt so much about how the pelvic floor works and how to take better care of myself. It has been crucial for my post birth recovery and getting back into exercise.

Sian was very passionate and shared her personal experience too which made it feel very inclusive and that you weren’t alone with whatever you were going through with your own recovery. Doing the course alongside other women was really beneficial too. I started the course quite soon after the birth of my baby and it helped me carve out crucial time for myself as well.